10 Ways to Generate Leads Quickly

Generating leads has never been so easy. Today, there are hundreds of ways you can generate leads quickly without doing much.With the growing popularity of social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, it’s straightforward to turn your followers into potential buyers.

Recently, there has even been a relatively new concept known as Pinterest SEO, that you can use to drive traffic to your website from Pinterest. But the question is, are you generating quality leads?

Not all leads are of high quality. You may generate substantial leads, but if they are of low quality, you will not benefit from them.

The solution is to find fast, secure methods that are guaranteed to generate high-quality leads with a strong possibility to convert. While there are lots of ways to generate leads, there aren’t many that can bring the best leads that you need to grow your business.

Nevertheless, I am going to share with you ten of the fastest ways to generate high-quality leads with virtually no effort at all.

Pay-Per-Click Agency

Generally, it would be messy and complicated if you tried PPC yourself. Thankfully, you can find a great agency that can take care of the hard work. Since the start of PPC it’s been and still is the fastest way to generate quality leads.

PPC or pay per click allows you to choose the kind of online traffic that land on your website. This means you can target only those who are eager to click on the buy button and focus mostly on the leads with a strong potential to convert.

Equally, you can use PPC to attract leads that are high in the buying cycle, and turn them into potential customers by cultivating them along the buying process.

This is just one of the advantages of paid advertising, and if you get yourself the right PPC agency, they will have you generating leads quickly.

However, be sure to be ready and equipped to convert those leads once they land on your website. You can do this by making a custom landing page for your PPC ads.The only problem with PPC ads is that they can be expensive to attract leads depending on what keywords you want to advertise.

Downloadable Lead Magnets

Everyone loves free things, and the best way to capture leads is by compiling some of your best content into free downloads. However, make sure your content solves your potential customer’s problems.

You then capture the visitor’s email in exchange for the content. This will explode your email list and give you a free way to market to potential customers for free.Don’t have much traffic on your website for this to work?Don’t worry.

Add CTAs on each lead magnet, after turning your blog posts into downloadable freebies, start promoting them on your social media pages to capture new leads.

This will get new users on your email list and drive visitors on your site. You need to be ready to convert the new traffic, and you can do this by adding functional CTAs on your blog posts.

Pro Tip: Create free downloadable content for each category on your site and create a CTA button that matches each download automatically to the related category. And then you can segment your email list to each download making your emails highly relevant and targeted, resulting in a higher conversion rate.

This way, people reading your post will be asked to download the content. For example: if a person was reading this post, they would be asked to download 10 Ways to Generate Leads Quickly. While another person reading another post will be asked to download whatever they are reading i.e. How to Use Pinterest to Drive traffic to your website.

Optimise your conversion forms

What is the conversion process on your site? Generating high-quality leads might not be a problem. One of the most common conversion killers is complicated conversion forms.

Invest in a proper form optimisation tool to ensure that you are not leaving potential leads on the table.

An excellent optimisation tool will indicate where your visitors are having problems with the forms and not finishing it. This way, you can correct things immediately.There are numerous tools you can choose from as far as form optimisation is concerned.

Create user-friendly popups

Many people believe that popups affect the user experience negatively. However, that is not entirely true as it is quite possible to use popups without impacting your user experience.

The best way to use them is by making them popup when it appears that users are about to live the page. You can also make it prompt after a user has read the content to the end and is starting to scroll up.

Other alternatives include CTA sections which can break up your site page in a manner that is not intrusive or using banner opt-ins. Just experiment with these options and see what works and not work for you and the users.

Automate your social media posts

Sometimes we may be caught up with our daily running of the business that we forget to post on social media. Luckily, some tools can post it for you on your business social media pages.

However, there are pros and cons with these tools, but when you consider the benefits outweigh the negatives, then it becomes a low-effort method to generate leads quickly.

Social automation is perfect for platforms like Twitter, where the shelf life of content is very short.

Start with automating your posts to publish on your business social networks at the most active times of the day. Every social media platform has a different most active time of the day so make sure you check with a quick Google search.

Doing this will increase the number of impressions your post will receive.

Scheduling your post also frees up a considerable chunk of time so that you can concentrate on other essential aspects of your business, while you maintain consistency on social media.

Reach out to potential customers on social media

Many businesses ignore reaching out to people on social media. Maybe because of fear of rejection, but if you do it with the right intentions, you can reap the benefits.

But you need to be careful, not sound needy, that will be turned off not only on social media but in real life as well.

The rule of thumb is when targeting an audience to be sure to make yourself known first. For example Facebook groups, Pinterest groups, LinkedIn groups or Twitter conversations. This will help you come across with good intentions, and the potential customer will engage you.

Use a review platform

We are social creatures and want to know what other people think before parting with our money. Having reviews/testimonials from people who also liked your product/service before helps build trust. Regardless of how popular your products and services are, new visitors will still need reassurances before making a decision.

The good thing is that there are plenty of third-party review platforms you can sign up your business, including Google, Reviews.co.uk, Trustpilot, and many more.

People visit review sites to get feedback about your products from customers who have used them, and having positive reviews will surely generate leads quickly.The review of your products will also be (most of the time) embedded in online search results as well as your PPC ads. You can also import them on your landing pages to increase your on-site conversions.

The trick here is to have positive reviews, so be sure your products and services are excellent and problem-solving as well as have an outstanding customer care system to take care of the complaints of the customers.

Leverage your existing customers

One of the most powerful ways to generate leads is by using the people who have already conducted business with you.

The biggest mistake business owners and brands make is thinking that the relationship with a customer ends once they have clicked the buy button.You need to make sure they come back again.

Create campaigns that will help you turn first time customers into repeat buyers. The campaign can include referrals and rewards for inviting their family members or friends.

Think about the amount you have invested in capturing each customer. The best way to get back this investment is by making sure they help you in acquiring new leads.

Use networking events

Don’t just limit yourself to generating your leads online. One of the most effective ways to generate leads quickly is by attending networking events, trade shows, and conferences.Note that you can make contacts from events in your industry, but you probably won’t benefit from it in terms of leads.

The best event is one that is created for your target audience and not your company.

When you attend these events, be sure to make the most of it by networking, exchanging contacts, and generating leads.

Final Words

The 10 ways to generate leads quickly shared in this post today are some of the most effective ways and are almost guaranteed to bring you highly qualified leads with enormous business potential.

When generating leads, however, you need to focus on quality over quantity. Try these methods and see your business explode within a short period.

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