9 Top Tips to Help You Win at Social Media Marketing

With 2.38 billion people around the globe on Facebook and Instagram with their 1 billion, these social media platforms alone give you a significant audience of people to market to daily.

Whether you’re a local business or an online shop, you can’t miss out on getting in front of your audience that is spending time on social media – but how do you put together a successful social media campaign?

You know just as well as I do that you can get derailed pretty quickly if you don’t have a proper plan in place. Continue reading this article to learn 9 top tips to help you win at social media marketing. Getting a Social Media Marketing WinWhether you’ve got 0 tech experience or you’re a pro at using tech, these tips will help you. Don’t lose out on sales because you aren’t sure how to best implement your strategies.

Know Your Target Audience

Before you begin marketing your company on social media, you need to know your target audience. Depending on the audience, you’re going to speak in a way that is going to resonate with them. Your goal is to create content that is going to help them through their buyer journey with your content.

Develop a Brand Voice

Developing a brand voice will allow people to get familiar with you. They’ll feel comfortable with you and how you speak with them. People buy from those they know, like and trust.You want your brand’s voice to be the brand that they know, like and trust.

Tweak Your Messaging for Each Platform

While your company will have its brand voice, each platform that you use often requires a little tweaking. This tweaking may be needed because of character limits or because of on-platform etiquette.For instance, you wouldn’t post things the same way on Facebook as you would on a more formal platform like LinkedIn.

Consistency Will Win Out

Make sure to set up an editorial calendar so that you can remain consistent. If you’re making the shotgun approach or you’re haphazard with your posting, your results won’t be as good as if you have everything planned out and post consistently.

Always Provide Value

When you post on your social media accounts, don’t just post for the sake of posting. You need to post to provide value. The value that you provide could be education, entertainment or some other form of value that you know your target audience wants.

Automate Your Social Media

If you’re posting on your social media platforms manually, you’re spending entirely too much time on social media. Facebook and the other platforms are great at sucking your time away, and you need to make sure that you stay focused during your workday.Either learn how to use automation tools or find an agency that can take care of your social media platforms like Pinterest for you.

Use Images as Much as Possible

People love images. You know the old saying about a photo being worth a thousand words – it is true.Find images that accompany your content and make people want to stick around as they go through it. If all they see is a giant text wall, you’re likely to lose them.

Test, Test, Test

When you’re posting on social media, make sure that you’re continually testing and analysing the results of your tests. You might find something that you thought was just a joke goes over very well, but your most thought out plan was a total flop.Whatever results the data gives you, don’t get attached to the outcome. Make changes based on the information vs getting emotional about your campaigns.

Get Comfortable with Hashtags

If you’re not using hashtags on all of the social media platforms, you’re missing out on new people discovering your content. Hashtags are how people find new people to follow and ideas for blogs to read.

Ready to Get the Help You Need with Social Media?

We get it, you’ve got things to take care of, and social media marketing may not be at the forefront of your to-do list. You don’t want your core business to suffer, and there’s no reason it should.Instead of waiting around until business dries up, contact us and let the leads come. We’ve helped many companies with their social media campaigns, and we would love to help you with yours as well.

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