Best Construction Website Design

This post is going to cover the best construction company website designs along with bad construction website designs and how to avoid common pitfalls. Your website should be custom to your construction company if you’re trying to get more significant projects you need your website to focus on showing past projects with a call to actions for future projects. The reason we spent time finding these commercial construction websites is to help future clients decide what they want from a new website.

If your in the industry or want a new website check out our monthly website design, and if you’re looking for more trade specific or contractor websites click there.Right, let’s jump in and find the good, the bad, and the ones desperately in need of an overhaul.

EHA group

EHA group

EHA Group – Construction Company Derry, Belfast, LondonThe style of this website has a modern design that is rare for a lot of construction companies. The design is immaculate with beautiful animations and interactions revelling sections.We like how projects have a separate menu, showcasing the importance of navigating to past work and showing their portfolio to land clients.



Pomerleau is a Canadian construction company.Another minimalist construction website, we like the parallax effects and slider effects of this website.The menu opens up to cover the entire screen and is very easy to navigate.

Yellow Hire

Yellow Hire

Yellow Hire is an Australian plant and equipment hire company.We like the navigation and menu design of this website, with easy to navigate tabs, a clickable phone number for user experience and the highlighted “get a quote” tab driving visitors to take the next step.

Ark Shelter

ark shelter

Ark-Shelters are prefabricated, fully finished, modular units.Although this pick isn’t a commercial construction company website like the others, the design can be transferred over quite nicely to one.We love the use of video and layout of this site, which matches the typography and aesthetic of the brand. Site address: Hopefully, these construction company websites give you ideas on what to include on your next website.But here’s a couple of nuggets you want to keep in mind.

  • Who is the website for?
  • What is the goal of the website?

I say this because a new website that is designed correctly will be your best marketing tool because it runs 24-7 all year long.If your goal is to clients to get a quote or ring you, look at the yellow hire website as an example with the quote in the menu clearing standing out and a clickable phone number.If you want to get clients familiar with your work to land projects, make sure that section is to navigate like EHA group.Videos also showcase projects and are sure to wow clients of your past work. Look at Ark shelter, including it in their design.Let’s jump into bad construction websites, so you know what to avoid.

Bad construction website design

Good and bad construction website design is entirely subjective. Yet, I would judge what separates a great construction company website from bad website design is the user experience and if the site converts the visitor to the next step.What you will find is dated websites tend to have the worst experience because they are hard to navigate with useless information cluttering the page.

  • The site doesn’t use a grid.
  • Confusing navigational structure.
  • Poor typography makes it unreadable.
  • Random use of colours.
  • Non-responsive design.
Bad navigation website


Having a great website will put your construction business in a good light and could mean the difference in starting a conversation for a new £200,000 to £1,000,000 project.After all, your website is online 24/7 showcasing past projects for future clients to see.Hopefully, this post has helped spark a few ideas of what can be done when building or redesigning a site.When starting a new website project, we like to get a list of 10 websites in the same industry both local and national. Then we compare three key factors which are:

  • The dwell time (time the user spends on the page)
  • The bounce rate (the percentage of visitors viewing one page)
  • The page views (total number of pages people visited on your site)

We can then reverse engineer what’s working resulting in a data-driven design to create the best construction website.What did you think about the list? Did you find it helpful?If you want more information on construction websites go check out or monthly website design, it’s an affordable service tailored to build you the best site possible. The first step always starts with getting in touch, so don’t hesitate to reach out.

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