5 of the Best Dental Web Designs

Need ideas for your dentistry? We have sourced the web and came up with 5 of our favourite dental web designs. We will go over what makes them great, so you can get inspiration for your next website.  We took a full screenshot of the entire homepage for you to get an idea of what it looks like when you scroll down. At Evolved Toaster, we do pay monthly website designs that are affordable even if you have a small business looking to grow. Enjoy the selection we have found,

Spa Barnton Dental

Dentist website design in the uk

The design for Barton dental is very unique. The home bar being on the side is a welcome change with clear bold icons to guide you to find the right page.  A slider that changes images with different deals is the first thing you see. And there are three different contact options, making it easy to inquire. Next, you have a video section with text going over the location. These are both great for user experience and SEO. leading onto a service section with great copy and excellent use of a before and after slider. Testimonials work amazing for any business and they hit the nail on the head with testimonials on this website.  The footer gathers email sign-ups offering a free ebook which looks very well done. And did you notice? All the photos are high quality and every photo a person is smiling.

Westend Dental

Great hero section when you first enter the website. Westend dental has easy to contact email and call buttons. The first section is also parallax giving a nice modern effect. We like the creativity of the service section with teeth for each different service. They are also animated when you hover over them. The rest of the design is very modern with full screen hero sections. The branding colours are constant throughout the website. And works great for a dentistry white and different shades of blue. Meet the team area has a fun photo of the team smiling which is a welcome change from stock photography. And, Having a contact us at the bottom of the page is a great way to increase phone calls.

Dentist website design - lakeareadentistry

ABC Dental

web design for dentists - abc dental

We like the minimalist approach on ABC dental. which combines with the negative space giving a very clean and easy to navigate website.  The website has a great illustration tying into the family dentistry theme.  The copywriting on the website is on point. It goes over the pain points that customers do have and answers their concerns. Three main problems that stop people from going to dentists are.

  • The hassle of booking an appointment.
  • Spending time waiting in the waiting room.
  • The hassle of payment (and insurance claims)

The testimonials are in a carousel format freeing up space on the page. And in different colour making them stand out on the page. And another call to action at the end of the page which works great for conversions.

Lake Area Dentistry

When you first arrive on the website a video plays underneath the call to action. This gives off a modern high quality feel to the website. The main menu is different with a mobile style button (we call this the hamburger menu). Which when clicked folds out to the entire screen and shows all the services. This goes well with the style of the website because each hero section takes up the entire screen. (Some sections are bigger than the screen but overall fits well) The procedures area has great imagery of the services with an overlay hover. This website contains an embedded Google map. Which every website should have on the page or in the footer. Because, it’s a great ranking factor in Google and shows the customer your location.

dentist web page ideas - lake area dentistry

Dentistry 4 Kids

Very Easy to navigate website with the style matching the niche which is dentistry for kids.  Theres an animated slider showing high quality photos of the dentistry. All the animals move on the page, bringing the website to life as you scroll down. The testimonials cycle through at the bottom of the page. This free’s up the space of the website. Easy to see social media icons that are at the top and bottom of the page.


We tried to find a variety of dental websites that work in different ways. If you want a new website designing or a redesign check out our post on small business website design.

We go over in more detail on how to find websites for ideas and build your perfect website.

What features did you like the most on these websites? Comment below.

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