10 Ways To Instantly Improve Your Website Traffic

“Improving your website traffic doesn’t happen overnight. It’s a process that could take months, even years.”

Saying that, there are techniques you can use to speed up the process.

These proved and tested ways that will improve your website traffic quickly and even instantly.

Guest Bloggers

In the world of blogging, guest blogging is quite a common thing, though not too many website owners.

Having guest authors feeding your blog with fresh contents from a different perspective is one of the quick-hit methods of getting traffic.

Having guest bloggers also comes with other sets of benefits.

For example:
➢ You save an enormous amount of time because you don’t have to create the content.
➢ You access a new audience from guest posters who will share their work on different platforms.
➢ Can help you shift your focus to other things.
➢ Your website authority grows because only good sites have guest bloggers.


Saying is easier than doing. You can’t just have anyone to guest write on your site. You need to research them. Remember the aim here is to grow your website traffic.

Top authors write the best content, and the best content gets more reads, shares, and retweets. And that is not all. The crucial part is that you will get high-quality backlinks at the end.

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Less Competitive Long Tail Keywords

As a website owner, you want to rank for popular keywords in your industry these can be; mountain bikes, sports car, custom logo, web design, among other short keywords relevant to your website.


These are the most competitive keywords in your niche to rank. And let’s be frank, if you are looking for ways to improve your web traffic instantly, fighting for competitive keywords is a battle you are not going to win.

Luckily, there is another route.

You can tweak some of your pages to rank for long-tail keywords that are less competitive but more profitable.

You know what; you can even rely solely on long-tail keywords for all your website traffic.

Neil Patel– one of the best SEO gurus in the world, revealed that 91% of QuickSprout traffic comes from long-tail keywords.

Use Google Keyword Planner to search for the suitable long-tail keywords for the content that you already have.

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Create Video Content

Videos are one of the leading traffic sources, thus explaining why over 87% of marketers create video contents.

Statistics show that videos can result in a 157% increase in organic search traffic. Underlying the importance of producing video contents, 46% of consumers react after watching a video advertisement.

Create a YouTube channel and upload content regularly. You will see a spike in your website traffic in just a few days.

Even if you don’t have video editing skills, you can still be able to create content in-house without spending a fortune.

There are lots of free and premium drag-and-drop video editing software that you can use for this purpose.

We use Premiere Pro for our video editing.

Video content is a sure way of increasing your web content, so if you have not been producing them, you need to start as soon as you can.

Pro tip: repurpose old blog posts into video formate and host them on Youtube. Then from Youtube link back to your content. This will bring new life to your past posts.

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Join Reddit and Develop your Karma

If you are already using this tactic, I tip my hat to you, because it is the most ingenious way possible to increase your website traffic.

But for those who do not know of this method, you need to become a Redditor as soon as possible.

You grow your karma by posting useful comments or links that add value to a subreddit.

From here, everything is simple.

Redditors trust Redditors with more karma; therefore, the more you have the more people will trust your links. And the more they trust your links…you the rest will be history.

So how do you go about this?

➢ Create a new Reddit account if you are new
➢ Find your subreddits
➢ Comment on posts
➢ Support the subreddits with useful content
➢ Repeat the above process (5 minutes a day every week)
And in a month’s time, your karma will explode.

Add Images to your Blog

Another method you can use to boost your website traffic is by adding a visual touch to your blog contents.

90% of the information processed by the brain is visual.

If you have quality content from the past, update it by adding images, or you can start adding images in your future posts.

You can get someone to design for you the images for your blog if you do not have the skills. Or find websites with royalty-free images like Unsplash, Pexels, Pixabay, or Canva.

Remember, to keep the images relevant to your content.

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Update Old Posts

This strategy will skyrocket your web traffic in just a few days. Instead of taking a lot of your time to create new contents to improve your traffic, you can use what you already have.

Updating your old posts can take the least amount of time but has the quickest results.

Your old content gradually becomes less fresh as time goes by, affecting the quality of your site in the process.

Readers don’t care if it is an old content or not, as long as it satisfies their needs. Think it this way, your current audience is bigger and more engaged than before, so there is a high chance your post will reach a new, broad audience.

This trick will also go a long way to boost your search engine quality.
When Google sees that your content is “fresh”, you get tons of traffic, probably more than if you had created new content.

Use Social Media Schedulers

This is the best way to keep your social media audience updated.
Bloggers, or website owners like you, sometimes find it challenging to post on their social media regularly.

Most of the time is because they have a lot of things to do, so they don’t find time to share their content on Facebook or Twitter.

Luckily, you can get an app to do it for you.

Schedule the app to share your content, for example: at three days interval. But remember too set a break to avoid oversharing stale content.

But if you are using Twitter, by all means, share as much as you wish.

According to research by Wisemetrics, your second tweet performs 86% of your first tweet.

You can retweet up to even six times, but its performance won’t drop below average.

That is because your average tweet has a half-life of 24 minutes maximum. So unless your followers are Twitter-holics like a particular head of state, chances are they will not see it again.

Popular tools used by marketers for auto-posting include Social Oomph, Social Pilot, Buffer, Instato.io (Instagram)

Find Influencers

Credible websites get traffic, which is a fact. And the best way to gain credibility is by leveraging good relationships with influencers.

It is through influencers that some posts go viral. Besides, using influencer marketing can also help you gain quality backlinks.

Start establishing relationships with several influencers; let’s say 20, and ask if their audience would like your post.

Make sure you are offering value when reaching out.

People trust influencers, and therefore, working with them shows your brand is genuine.

We highly recommend using micro-influencers. They are affordable and have high engagement rates.

Increase your Website Loading Speed

Website loading speed is one of the critical ranking factors in Google algorithms.

Ideal website load speed is typically between 2 to 5 seconds, but each second beyond 2 leads to a higher bounce rate.

53% of mobile users abandon sites that take over 3 seconds to load.

Speeding up your website is the easiest way to improve your website traffic without spending any dime on marketing.

Use free Google Page Speed Insight to test your website’s load speed and make the necessary changes.

Simply changing to a faster-hosting provider like Flywheel (the quickest hosting out there) will do this for you.

New Headline’s

Changing a few words of copy can have a significant impact on your site traffic than you could ever imagine.

Play around with different attention-grabbing headlines with your old post until you hit the bullseye.

The aim of this is to get clicks from people searching.

Tweaking the title of your old posts will not only increase your website traffic, but it will also give you valuable insights as to what kind of headlines your audience like to click.

Run Through

The 10 ways to quickly improve your website traffic are:

  • Guest posting
  • Long tail keywords
  • Video content
  • Reddit
  • Add images
  • Update old posts
  • Social media scheduler
  • Influencers
  • Loading Speed
  • Headline

What tip are you going to try first? Have you tried any of these techniques before? If you have which ones?

Ether way let me know below,

Drop a comment.

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