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What is local SEO?

Local Seo is conveying relevance to Google for your web pages so you will appear in the ‘near me’ searches.

When your local SEO is dialled in, you will appear in the top 3 of the Google Maps. Which is a dominant factor when driving traffic to your business.

Local search engine strategy is no longer an issue for debate. If you haven’t optimised your business for Google maps, you are failing to take advantage of this significant opportunity.

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  • 86% of people look up the location of a business on Google Maps
  • 76% of local searches result in a call.
  • 77% of smartphone owners use navigation apps.
  • 72% of consumers, who search for local businesses, end up visiting stores within five miles.
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Understanding Our 
Local SEO Approach

Our results-driven SEO strategy has a track-record of BOOSTING rankings and over-delivering for our clients.


We check the health of your website, finding the weak areas and most beneficial areas to target. We look for things such as website speed, usability, tracking, accurate conversion code installation, and other development-related aspects that can benefit local SEO visibility.


Next stage of your bespoke campaign, Evolved Toaster’s team implements a variety of scheduled SEO tasks, including creating content, optimising local listings, and executing ethical white hat link building. Our team concentrates on actions that are of high impact when it comes to SEO. 

Performance Measuring

A major part of our campaign is to see what’s working and what is not. We achieve this from reporting we produce, after which we can often determine which is the best direction to go next. If we see that keywords are rising on one page but not the others, we put the time in necessary to get all pages up and running without losing viability in the search.

Ready to see our Monthly SEO Packages?

Local Seo Agency

Unlike most search engine optimisation agencies rolling out a generic SEO package and ticking off a checklist. We want to know about your business and how we can help you. As soon as you purchase a package, we are partners. And your success means our success.

We pride ourselves on exceeding our client’s digital growth goals.

Here’s our search engine optimisation process that’s designed to boost the visibility of your web pages in search results:

We take the time to identify the problems holding you back we do this through a website audit and look at 3 main techniques:

  • Technical Analysis: This is where we check the health of your website. We look for things such as website speed, usability, tracking, accurate conversion code installation, and other development-related aspects that can benefit local SEO visibility.
  • Competitor Analysis: Our skilled SEO team finds the answers to questions about the competition before diving into any campaign. Who are your main competitors? Why are they ranking at the top of the search engine? What content are they producing and how often? Where are they spending their marketing dollars?
  • Traffic Analysis: We evaluate exactly how visitors are searching for businesses like yours and finding their desired results. Picking the right keywords is a crucial part of our local SEO services. What channels are you getting visitors? How many are coming from local organic search? Where are the most significant opportunities to get local clients who will buy your services?

Once we complete our analysis and understand your technical opportunities, it is time to determine the best SEO keywords for your business to target. If you’ve had local SEO services done before, your website is probably already targeting these keywords. It is likely we will discover some “easy win” keyword opportunities once we generate the report. Which is excellent because our local SEO packages often raise your low hanging fruit keywords immediately. Here are some of the critical ways we find your local SEO keywords:

  • Using keyword research tools: Our team will often start by looking at what people are searching for in your area. Using this data, we can compose a list of suggested keywords to improve and how often your business matches the search criteria.
  • Using your competitor’s keywords: Your competitor is likely ranking for valuable keywords that you also want to target. We start by taking an in-depth look into their keywords and grading, and then we one-up them by creating higher quality content for your business.
  • Asking you what keywords you want to target: The first thing we propose to a new client is what keywords you want to focus on.  By understanding your keyword phrases, we can make a recommendation based on the data we generate during our analysis.  Your customers and their searching habits are a precious resource when it comes to finding local keyword opportunities. So ask them how they found you!

In the next stage of your campaign, the Evolved Toaster team implements a variety of scheduled SEO tasks, including creating content, optimising local listings, and executing ethical white hat link building. Our team concentrates on high impact actions when it comes to SEO. Long articles, Google Maps focus, and high-quality backlinks will begin to rank your website in the search engines. We understand that for your business to win online, you must appear on a local search. Here is how our agency is set apart when it comes to local SEO implementation:

Organic SEO: The work we do during the implementation process marinates, cooks up, and continuously serves as a gourmet meal. This is what is meant by organic SEO. The enhancements we roll out will improve the SEO health of your website forever. No quick spikes or fad improvements.

Extensive On-Page SEO:  We conduct a SWOT analysis of your digital marketing presence to determine strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. In addition to assessing your technical health and keyword mapping, we complete a thorough on-page SEO process for all of the current pages of your website.

Off-Page SEO:  Online mentions are one of the primary reasons a local website ranks high in search engines. By using effective off-page SEO and local PR, we can predictably bring you more mentions from other sites which skyrockets your local SEO performance.

In the SEO campaign, our team will monitor the progress of your website and nourish keywords to higher rankings. We are accountable for every action we take because of software that tracks the progress we make. Here are some things that we observe throughout your campaign:

Keyword Movement Reporting: The targeted keywords chosen at the beginning of your SEO campaign are tracked throughout the campaign to determine their movement in search engine rankings. Our team at Evolved Toaster delivers these results to you in a monthly report so that you can see if we’re progressing or losing rank.

Google Analytics Reporting:  By using Google Analytics data, we often discover re-optimising opportunities in your SEO campaign. With this date, we show you your traffic segmented by gender, age, behaviour, income, location, search device, and much more.

Executive Reporting: At the end of each month, you will receive a supervisory reporting statement where we communicate all of our optimisation efforts in one report.  The report includes every detail, including analytics, rankings, directories, and social media stats. Our executive reporting will show you a birds-eye view of how well you’re performing online.

Rich media supports a successful local SEO campaign. With more people watching a video, reading infographics, and looking for pictures on a website. You need more than text to give your local SEO campaign that extra advantage. The Evolved Toaster team understands this and uses rich media throughout your campaign. Including images designed for your brand, videos that represent your business, plus infographics that show your expertise in a visual format.

Amplifying your local SEO results starts with understanding the different media outlets appropriate for your local SEO campaign:

Using audio for local SEO: Audio is a select type of media that can build trust and authority with your visitors. Verbally urging them to make the commitment and opt-in to your call to action. Audio is an excellent format for the owner who wants their visitors to hear their message but is camera shy. A business that has an interview podcast series will see massive traffic to their websites and build trust.

Using video marketing for local SEO:  Video marketing is one of the best ways to tell a story.  Giving your visitors the option to watch a video ultimately builds the relationship between them and your brand and also gets them to visit your site for a bit longer.  This extra time on your website amplifies your search engine optimisation results making video marketing a critical local SEO option.  Our video production team ensures that your brand is represented accurately throughout all social platforms.

Using infographics for local SEO: We live in a world of busy people who want to get in and out as quickly as possible.  Infographics give visitors what they’re searching for in concise and visually appealing presentations. The Evolved Toaster team designs “eye candy” for your website in the form of an infographic, providing your visitors with information that is sharable and easy to understand.

Social media marketing is not something to overlook when doing a Local SEO campaign. Social signals and citations are 4% of Google’s local ranking factor, according to MOZ local. Although that is a small percentage, social media and branding can amplify SEO results due to the branded searches after a social engagement campaign. In other words, if customers search for your business after they saw a social media post, you will gain an added SEO benefit.

Google likes brands, and if customers are searching for your business in the Google search, then Google will give you more of a quality score because of your branding. The Evolved Toaster team will design, schedule, and post on your social media profiles for you, so you don’t have to do the busywork.

Social Media Management 

Get Found Locally


We put together a comprehensive list to answer any questions. But don't hesitate to contact us.

local citation is any mention of your business on the web. A citation is the combination of your business name, phone number, address, zip or postal code, and website address. Citations in SEO are a key factor in improving your local search results. 

Google Maps has now become essential for a business online. Google Maps Optimisation is an indispensable part of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). The process includes altering and fully completing your listing on Google maps.

We also add our own secret sauce to make sure you get the top 3 spots in the map pack. This will lead to an increase in website traffic, foot traffic, and phone calls. 

Optimising your Local Seo will lead to an increase in traffic from searches like ‘near me’ and best SEO agency in London. The benefit is highly targeted local traffic from Google and other search engines.

You will also appear higher up on Google maps leading to increased foot traffic and calls.

“It depends,” because there are too many variables to consider: website strength, competition, budget, etc. Think about it, do you think it’s easier to rank 1st place on Google maps in London or a small village? That’s why we need to check your online presence and competition.

With all that said, we can deliver excellent results in a couple of months for most businesses. Get an audit of your website, and let’s go over what you can improve.

The Local 3 pack is the goal in Google maps ranking. It’s when your website appears in the top 3 on Google maps which comes up first on searches.