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…Not a sentient toaster.

Our Story

Hi, I’m James Oliver

The owner of Evolved Toaster. 🇬🇧

For years I saw my Dad struggling to grow his business. No matter how hard he tried to get new customers, it failed. 

I looked for a solution and discovered search engine optimisation.

This skyrocketed my dads business.

I wanted to help other businesses and entrepreneurs, so I started freelancing while travelling to some amazing places.

Now, I can double a website’s traffic in 90 days! And I learnt how to build sites like this one 😉

Today I have settled back in the UK and set up Evolved Toaster.

What you can expect from us

We are confident.
We are fast.
We are honest and direct.
When we accept a project, we are all in.
We consider ourselves partners your wins are our wins.
We provide helpful extras to help benefit your business even after using our services.

If you appreciate these qualities in a partner, then get in touch here or come over for a coffee.
Better yet, let’s have a virtual coffee and talk about your project.


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