Pinterest Statistics and Facts in 2022

Pinterest launched in March 2010, by three founders Evan Sharp, Ben Silbermann and Paul Sciarra.

Ben Silbermann is a Co-founder and the CEO of Pinterest, Ben worked at Google as a non-engineer, after leaving Google he spent time working at places like the Hacker Dojo, and local coffee shops in the valley.

Four months after launching, Pinterest only had 200 users. And in terms of social media start-ups, that’s not many user. They had no press coverage, but the early users used it a lot. “The site grew by the same percentage (40%-50%) every single month. It’s just that the number started so low that it took a while to get going.”

Pinterest has a great story and is an amazing platform go through the stats and if you havn’t get a Pinterest account.

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2019 Pinterest statistics

250+ Million active users a month on Pinterest

50%+ Pinterest users are international

200+ billion Pins are saved on Pinterest

Pinterest Market Value is $15+ Billion

Pinterest started in 2010

Pinterest has 1,600 employees in offices across the globe

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40% of New Signups are Men; 60% New Signups are Women.

98% of Pinners go out and try ideas they find on Pinterest—way more than the 71% social media platform average.

1 out of 2 U.S. millennials use Pinterest every month. Millennials say Pinterest inspires them to make dreams a reality, more than any other platform.

63% of millennial Pinterest users mentioned “Pinterest helps me discover new brands or products to buy”


The average order value of sales coming from Pinterest is $50 – higher than any other major social platform.

Pinterest Market Value is $15+ Billion

98% of people report trying new things they discover on Pinterest, compared to 71% on other platforms

Pinners on Pinterest are 39% more likely to be active shoppers than non-pinners; when they shop, they spend approximately 29% more than those who don’t use the platform.

93% of pinners have used Pinterest to plan for, research, or make purchases.

40% of users have a household income of more than $100k per year, giving them substantial spending power.

77% of users on Pinterest have found a new brand or product.

61% of users say they’ve discovered new brands or products thanks to Pinterest ads.

60% of Pinterest households have children five years old or younger.

50% of Millennials use Pinterest monthly.

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Promoted Pinterest pins typically earn $2 in profit for every $1 spent in ad costs.

67% of users discovered a new brand or product as a result of Promoted Pins.

1 out of 2 Pinterest users have made a purchase after seeing a Promoted Pin.

86% of people use Pinterest to plan life moments, big and small.

80% of Pinterest users prefer to use the social network’s app over the desktop version

66% of women between the ages of 25-54 are signed up on Pinterest

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