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You probably landed on this page because you searched for “SEO Agency Manchester”.

Here’s the cool part:

Evolved Toaster is actually a national SEO agency.

That means we were able to outrank SEO agencies that are located in Manchester and Salford without even being there.

The point is…

…We know how to play the Google game very well and are beyond confident that we will grow your business’s profits through search engine optimisation.

So, you have already seen that we can rank anywhere in the United Kingdom… But let me go through how we run our campaigns.

First, we conduct an audit, this will find any errors and highlights major problems to solve. We then target the major issues on your website…

You might be thinking that is obvious and makes sense…

Which it does.

However, many search engine optimisation companies don’t do this and stick to a one size shoe fits all method… which doesn’t work.

That’s why all our Manchester search engine optimisation campaigns are tailored to your business. Charged at an hourly rate and on a month-to-month service.

We are incredibly confident we can fix any issues your site might have and remove your competitors leg up on your rankings.

Please get in touch and we can discuss further.


Manchester businesses that operate locally can benefit massively from local SEO, with many industries getting high monthly search volumes as you can see below. Our local campaigns focus heavily on ranking the primary keywords and improving your google maps presence within the top 3 leading to more calls and store visits.

Keyword Searches
Builders Manchester
Law Firms Manchester
Hotels Manchester
Plumber Manchester
Restaurants Manchester
Electrician Manchester
SEO Manchester

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About Evolved Toaster

We are a creative team of individuals, each with our unique talents. As a company, we specialise in search and Website design, which go hand in hand. So that means we not only can get you ranking on Google but can also give your website a facelift.