SEO Service

Turn your website into a full time sales-person that works for you… every hour of the day all year!

Ranking in Google means getting more customers without spending more on advertising. Every website ranks differently in Google, and it generally takes 3+ months before your site gets traction. Nevertheless, SEO will help you lay solid foundations for your site to bring in customers, and has the best ROI.


Someone is searching for your product or service on Google right now! And because of this, your business needs to be competitive in the search engine rankings. If you’re not on the first page of Google, your competitors are taking your customers.

You need to do SEO. If you don’t learn or pay for SEO services for your online business it’s a massive mistake. I hate it when I hear people say “SEO is not important. I don’t need to generate new traffic to my website. I’m going to get traffic through word of mouth.”


There is no word of mouth in 2020: You always search for a service or product to purchase. Word of mouth is dead. It’s DEAD! When’s the last time your pipes leaked, did you ring your neighbour? No, you search for the best plumber in your area.

So if you’re not going to put a budget for SEO services, you need to dedicate a portion of your life. A day of your week, every month in doing SEO for your own business. Understand the importance of it, and you will be successful online.


We provide regular monthly reports and conduct data-driven strategic review meetings. Enabling us to review the results, change the implementation of any strategies where appropriate, and plan future activity. This tracking also provides you with knowledge of improved engagement, followers, and other tangible results.

Conversion Rate Optimisation


The first 2/3’s on your page is VITAL. It needs to be structured to convert your traffic to a lead and keep your bounce rate below 45%

Professional SEO Agency

Most SEO agencies roll out a generic SEO package and ticking off a checklist—we DON’T. We find out if we are a good fit first by a phone call or by requesting a free video audit. Then follow the process below that’s customised for your business, getting better results.

We take the time to understand what you are trying to achieve. We do this over Email, Call, Skype, or whatever medium you prefer for a conversation.‍We’ll encourage you to ask us questions to help you to determine if we are the right agency for you. In the discovery phase, we do a comprehensive audit to identify what’s stopping your website from ranking. This is vital for any successful campaign. To get an idea of how powerful an SEO audit is, request a free video audit.

Based on the discovery stage, we create a results-driven SEO strategy tailored to your business. We focus on high impact actions. Long articles, optimising local listings, and high-quality backlinks to rank your website.

Organic SEO: Enhance the SEO health of your website forever! No quick spikes or fad improvements. You get a continuing ROI after we finish our job.

On-Page SEO:  We look at the code to judge the technical health and make your site better for Google to read. We also keyword map to target Money Keywords that you missed.

Off-Page SEO: Online mentions are the primary reason a business does well on Google. Effective off-page SEO and PR can predictably bring more mentions from other sites. Skyrocketing you to the first page.

With a results-driven strategy in place, we get to work. Every campaign is different, but we always focus on the high impact areas and glaring issues first.During implementation, we maintain close contact, and you are welcome to request updates at any time.

We provide monthly reports and monitor the progress of your money keywords. We are accountable for our work with software tracking the SERP’s. Here are some areas we observe throughout your campaign:

Keyword Movement Reporting: We monitor the targeted keywords chosen at the beginning of your SEO campaign to determine progress. Our team at Evolved Toaster delivers these results to you in a monthly report.

Google Data Studio Reporting:  We combine Google Analytics data and Google Search Console in Google Data Studio to discover re-optimising opportunities and can get insights in traffic segmentation by gender, age, behaviour, income, location, search device, and much more.

Executive Reporting: At the end of each month, you will receive a supervisory reporting statement where we communicate our optimisation efforts. The report includes every detail, including analytics, rankings, directories, and social media stats. Our executive reporting will show you a birds-eye view of how well you’re performing online.