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2020 Twitter statistics

500 million Tweets are sent each day

Twitter’s daily active users were 134 million in Q1, up 11% year-over-year

Twitters Q1 was a solid start to the year with revenue up 18% year-over-year

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Twitters total revenue was $787 million in Q1, an increase of 18%, or 20% on a constant currency basis.

Twitters Total US revenue was $432 million, an increase of 25% in Q1 of 2019

Twitters operating income of $94 million and operating margin of 12% in Q1 of 2019

Twitters total international revenue was $355 million, an increase of 11% in Q1 of 2019

Japan remains Twitters second largest market, growing 16% and contributing $136 million in Q1 of 2019

Twitter total advertising revenue was $679 million, an increase of 18% at the end of Q4 2018

Twitter has 4,100+ employees.

2.5X More Tweets that share personal information removed since the launch of easier reporting

Tweets with abusive content every week, approximately 38% of them are now proactively detected and taken down.

Twitter has 35+ offices worldwide

Twitter has 336 million monthly active users.

Twitter was founded in April of 2006

80% of Twitter users are on Mobile

85% of SMB Twitter users said that it’s important that businesses provide customer support on Twitter.​

Twitter can handle 18 quintillion user accounts.

Roughly 46% of Twitter users are on the platform daily.

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