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Finding an excellent web design Leeds team can be laborious and time-consuming, but what makes a great web design?

Your website represents your business 24 hours a day 7 days a week effectively making it your digital business card. So having a site that has excellent design and converts customers is a must.

Most customers will Google your business before even visiting or giving you a call. So having a 90’s website is terrible for your business not to mention many sites aren’t mobile-friendly, which is a must in today’s age.

Lacking in any aspect of having a bad website could end up demolishing your brand impression. So we made a list of what to look for when hiring a web design Leeds company.

What to look for when hiring a Leeds web design team

  • Simplicity is key

Too many elements on a page distracts the user from the primary purpose of your website. Having an over-designed website tends to have negative effects when getting potential customers to take action. Clean, refreshing design will make your website more appealing and user-friendly.

We judge if a website has the simplicity factor down. Is look at 10 similar sites in your industry and gather bounce rate, dwell time, pages visited.

  • Bounce rate is when a user visits the page and leaves before looking around.
  • Dwell time is the amount of time a user spends on the website.
  • Pages visited is the number of pages visited.

We then check all the websites and see who’s got the best results and why. Then using this data, we build your website with designs that work…… And your ideas and design, obv course.

  • SEO Friendly

For search engine optimisation and user experience. You should have a page for each service you offer, this helps the content rank higher and gives your customer a clear message. We like to stick to the rule one target keyword per page to gain traction in Google and get free constant traffic to your website…… All our on-page optimisation is up to Google standards, and we will give you the best start possible when getting a new website.

Things to look for when hiring a web design Leeds company that knows about SEO is:

  • Correct URL structure
  • Heading tags
  • No duplicated pages
  • XML sitemap submission
  • Indexable content
  • Mobile responsive

Having a website that works on mobile is a necessity. Google uses mobile-friendly as a ranking factor, plus think about a customer visiting your website, and it doesn’t work correctly. They will click off and go to a competitor.

There’s plenty of websites that work on mobiles but aren’t user-friendly with hard to read text, small buttons, wrong screen size. Make sure your website design works ticks all the boxes when hiring a website design business.

  • Navigation

Plenty of studies show that an easy to navigate menu will get your customers to stay longer and look through your services. Make sure you have a logical page hierarchy designed, including breadcrumbs, and buttons.

The rule to follow is to make sure a visitor can get to a page their looking for within 3 clicks…… We like to go one step further and make sure the primary action you want the user to take is highlighted and clear. Like our contact button stands out in the menu compared to the other navigation.

Wrapping it up on web design

Excellent design and development in Leeds can be found if you look for it. Your website is an investment for your business, and you need to make sure its created with to the highest standards…… Hopefully, these principles we mentioned in this post help you get a better understanding of what makes a website better. The combination of aesthetics and functional design make the user experience better, which in turn leads to a higher converting website.

If your interested in having a new custom website built, then the first step starts when you contact us…… Don’t hesitate to reach out

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