Website design & SEO case study

Sleepy's Express

Overview and project brief

Sleepys express is a mattress review website targeted in Australia. The plan is to build a brand new website that’s user & SEO friendly to rank naturally in the search engines, aka Google.


  • New website build
  • Content creation
  • Rank keywords
  • Increase organic traffic
  • Not only do we want to increase organic traffic, we want to focus on driving traffic to high converting pages
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The approach & strategies

  • To find existing websites in the niche and compile a top ten list. From there, we measured the bounce rate, dwell time, and pages visited. This gave us clear indications of what works out of every website in the industry. From there, we make a website based on real data to provide the site with the best possible chance to be user-friendly and covert.
  • For content creation, we had to search real-life reviews and implement them into our content. We made templates for the owner to quickly recreate the layout for future reviews and comparisons.
  • The SEO approach was to make sure the on-page was perfectly optimised to rank in Google naturally. We looked at correct URL structure, heading tags, no duplicated content, XML sitemap submission, and much more. After this, we decided on an off-page SEO campaign that will help rank the key pages that are worth more to convert visitors.
  • The biggest challenge was to increase organic traffic to the website. Because new websites get put into a Google sandbox that can last 2-3 months. To get around this, we created branded social signals for Google to pick up, sending indicators that the website has excellent content and is worth ranking on the search engine. 
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The Results

  • Eight keywords ranking in Google within the first three weeks, with the target keywords on page 1 & page 2 just from effective on-page SEO and trust signals. 52.82% increase in keywords ranking overall.
  • An excellent ten-page website (not including posts) that is made to funnel customers to convert.
  • From the approach implemented the traffic, we are receiving has a low bounce rate of 23.56%.
  • A challenge with new websites is ranking keywords and getting traffic but we have steadily increased organic traffic because of the higher keyword rankings.
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Keyword increase SEO case study

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